Full Back Massage Cushion

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Product Description

The iZen Full Back Massage Seat Cushion brings the muscle and spine relief you are used to experiencing at a professional massage therapy appointment directly to your home, office, car or anywhere you have a plug. From your neck to the tops of your thighs, the Full Back Massage Seat Cushion circulates heat, sends vibrations to knots and uses fixed-point kneading to break apart tension.

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3D massage type with 12 rotary massage heads provide full back massage
Choose from a Rolling, Shiatsu, or Spot massage
Target 3 different regions of the body-full, upper or lower back
Indulge in Shiatsu-inspired massage therapy targeting key pressure points
Easily strap the chair cover to your choice of furniture or vehicle
Target 3 different regions of the body
Enable heating option with one push of a button
Select your massage setting with remote control
Enjoy seat vibration, extending tension relief


Model No. IZ-101A
Power Supply Power cord with 12V 2.5a Adapter
Battery N/A
Box Dimensions
(LxWxH Inches)
32.9 x 7.7 x 16.7
Weight 15.3lbs.
Accessory Tethered Remote Control